All our cotton is hand block printed using natural and eco dyes. Due to the very nature of their creation the prints may have imperfections, where the blocks are slightly mismatched or slight marks from the block printing table. Even the weather on the day of their creation can effect the colour created. All of these imperfections only add to the beauty of this cloth; perfect in our opinion is overrated! Here at Om Baby we embrace and love every hand made mark on our cloth and hope you will too.

When is comes to washing, natural dyes especially are sensitive to our modern hard working detergents and hot washing. 

We recommend hand washing with mild non bio detergents in cool or luke warm water and drying naturally. If using the machine please low temp only and with similar colours.

Although our cloth has been pre-washed with salt to fix when first washing some colour may run, this is just excess dye and should not effect the colour of the garment too much. Especially for indigo items we suggest giving a wash early on to avoid the colour rubbing on other clothes. 



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