• Rajshree and Ashok, Studio Bagru

    Rajshree and Ashok, Studio Bagru

    We work with tailors in India to offer small runs of our adult clothing, created with comfort and space in mind. I collaborate with our incredible tailor Ashok, through Rajshree at Studio Bagru, who is our ‘middle woman’ acting as translator, production manager, creative ear, and accountant all in one! I spoke to Ashok and Rajshree about their experience and the tailoring process, to...
  • Flow - The Edie Print

    Flow - The Edie Print

    The Om Baby Original Flow design in our 2021 collection is a special one. It's adapted from a painting my daughter, Edie, did at nursery a few years ago. I always admire the freeness of toddler and child art and I have long-loved abstract shapes – so I held on to the painting, as a source of inspiration.     On my last trip...
  • Om Baby Christmas Indie Gift Guide

    Om Baby Christmas Indie Gift Guide

    This year, I’m sure we all want to add a bit of extra sparkle to our Christmas and treat ourselves and our loved ones to some much-deserved gifts. If you can, supporting small businesses can make a real difference to people’s lives – for every item you buy from a company with a face, you are literally putting food on their table (and not...
  • AW Happy Cords Collection

    AW Happy Cords Collection

    Feast your eyes on our new collection of comfy cords and complementing block print garments to take you through the cooler months. You can choose from our 100% cotton corduroy slacks, dresses and rompers or our beautiful box tees, blouses and dresses in our latest block print. All handmade to order in London.  Thank you to my brilliant photographer, Leonie Freeman, for her work on this...
  • 6 lockdown crafts ideas using our fabric offcuts

    6 lockdown crafts ideas using our fabric offcuts

    My mental wellbeing has taken a beating this year. The personal challenges of raising children in lockdown, distancing from family and job insecurity, to the wider societal impact of isolation, lost loved ones, and protecting our most vulnerable. While it may seem trivial, one thing that brings real joy to my day is seeing the projects you have been working on using our Om...
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