Q&A with Iona-Jane Harris, Director, Educate for Life

March 04, 2020 alice clarkson

I came across Educate for Life a couple of years ago and seeing the amazing work they do to provide education, healthcare and community services in an extremely deprived rural community in Rajhasthan, I wanted to get involved. Just two years in to their fundraising they built a school in Bakhel, which over 700 children have been through so far, and through local partners they also provide a free health clinic service and health programmes for the whole community, using the school as a hub. They caught my eye, not least because of my own connection to Rajasthan, but because...

Kalamkari ss20 drop 2

February 06, 2020 alice clarkson

Kalamkari - an ancient style of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, the literal meaning of Kalamkari is 'kalam', which means pen and 'kari' which refers to craftsmanship. A new block print for Om Baby with derives from Pedana district in southern India The process is long and beautiful, involving 23 steps, which includes creating the blocks, dyeing with natural dyes, hand-printing, washing in the river and open-air drying, boiling with jagi leaves and algrin, a second colour printing and colour fixing.We have kept to the original flower motif designs in earthy colours to honour this traditional process, while creating shapes that are...

Taking Greener Care of your Clothes

February 04, 2020 alice clarkson

Sourcing beautiful, handmade items from your favourite slow-fashion indie designers can be an investment that you want to be wearing in years to come. Taking proper care of your clothing will help it to last longer, keep it looking bright, and reduce your impact on the environment. Did you know that 80% of the carbon footprint for a piece of clothing comes from how it is taken care of? We know that fast fashion is a major problem for the environment, but buying slow fashion and looking after it go hand in hand. All our cotton clothing is hand-block printed...

Wonky Geos SS20 drop 1

February 01, 2020 alice clarkson

Well January felt like a year in one month, but it's OVER and our thoughts race ahead to spring. With those warmer brighter thoughts in mind I am happy to announce the first collection of block prints, the Wonky Geos has launched in the shop. A collection of beautiful unisex geometric prints modeled here by some of my favorite little people. I hope you love them, oh and if you need a twinning womenswear item please drop me a message. 

Q&A with Vijendra Chhipa, Artisan Blockprinter

January 07, 2020 alice clarkson

Our woodblock printed textiles are sourced from Bagru Textiles, a community of artisans just outside Rajasthan, India, who have developed their art over generations. They print the cotton by hand with natural and eco dyes before shipping the cloth to London where we hand make all your garments to order. We believe it is really important to know who makes your clothing, so we spoke with Vijendra Chhipa, the co-director of Bagru Textiles, to give you a little peek into his world. Tell us about the Chhipa community and your heritage in hand block printing. Hand block printing art is...