Holi Hai


Some images of my travels in Pushkar india for the world famous Holi festival. 

We travelled here for this experience twice and I can say it has to be one of the most incredible and overwhelming events I have ever, and I think I will ever be part of! 

Pushkar is a tiny town in Rajasthan famous for for its Brahma temple which is a pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Sikhs. It is also a very popular town for tourists with its stunning lake and surrounding wildlife and bustling market.

The ceremonies for Holi start in the days leading up to the festival with evening stick dancing for several days. Its closest rival here would be morris dancing but to the sounds of the local drum musicians. The the evening before there is a religious ceremony with lots of beautiful chanting and prayers around a huge fire in the tiny square. At sunrise you awake to the pounding beat of hard dance music, we rose, got on some old clothes, packed our powders and heading back to the square to be met by 100's of young and old locals and tourists dancing and covering each other with colour. I don't really think anything could prepare us for it, and like everything I love about india it was vibrant, loud, exciting and FULL POWER! 

Holi Hai !





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