Comfortable hand block-printed clothing inspired by and working with traditional craftspeople in India.

How it all began

As a child, I visited India with my parents, and although I don’t remember that time, the photos of the trip in the family album always fascinated me. As soon as I could, I went on my own adventure across the sea to a land that is overwhelmingly vibrant and full of life and colour - I fell for India in a heartbeat.

As a textile print designer, I became obsessed with the prints, colours, decorations and incredible craftsmanship that is everywhere you look. The block-printed cotton really sparked my imagination. Not only the beauty of the fabrics but the humble, simple yet skilled way it is made. I’m a great believer in simple things being the best. Back to London I went with the first seed of Om Baby sown.

Over the past five years, I have been fortunate to work closely with talented craftspeople in rural villages in Rajasthan, to create hand-block printed clothing based on an art developed over generations. Working with the masters of this traditional craft is the heart and soul of Om Baby. I feel happy that our clothing helps to spread the love for this craft and support its continued existence in India.



Conscious Design Process

From the carving of the blocks to the printing techniques, hand block-printed cotton is a simple and naturally kind art that uses no electric-powered machinery. It relies on the skill of wood carvers who work in the same way they have for centuries.

We make our designs using natural breathable fabrics, plant dyes that have been our way of creating colour since time began, water that is re-used to irrigate crops, and the sun to fix and dry the patterns. We continue to mindfully look at our processes to make them as ethically sound as possible.

As well as sourcing traditional and contemporary blocks designed in studios in India, I am incredibly privileged to be working on my own designs with Bagru Textiles, a block-printers founded by the 400+ year old Chhipa clan. These fresh designs are created using only natural dyes and certified organic cottons. Working with nature in a slow, considered way ensures we’re as earth-kind as we can be; - something that’s very important to me. I am passionate about creating fresh patterns, without steering away from the roots of this traditional craft.


Comfortable Block-printed Clothing

Based on the principles of comfort and space, we create limited runs of simple children and adult clothing.
We work alongside traditional craftspeople in India, using natural processes to limit our impact on the planet.

Childrenswear - Hand-printed in India - Hand-made in England 

Becoming a mother altered the way I looked at the world. I wanted to clothe my babies in items that were ethically made from natural fabrics, that were comfortable, and allowed space for cloth nappies. This led me to making my own harems, based on the classic yoga pant, with lots of space for kicking and crawling. This was the first item of the Om Baby range.

Five years and two babies later, the reason for starting Om Baby is still as true as the day it began.The basic principles of simplicity, comfort and space inspires all our clothing.

To ensure we don’t over produce and to allow for many options, all of our childrenswear is made to order with hand-printed cottons from India in Walthamstow, London.





Adult wear - Contemporary comfortable clothing - Made with love and care in India 

The move into creating garments for adults happened organically as we grew and the demand was clear. We follow the same principles of simple, spacious clothing with comfort at its heart. This allows me to provide more opportunities in the community where our fabric is block-printed in India. I work with a tailor, producing small limited runs of our simple range of jumpsuits, dresses and loungewear. The tailor works and trains a small team who all receive a fair wage.


I want to thank all the people I work with in India for sharing their craft, as without them Om Baby wouldn’t exist. I am also grateful for our loyal customers who have embraced this traditional print technique, that is truly slow fashion.

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