Kalamkari ss20  drop 2

Kalamkari - an ancient style of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, the literal meaning of Kalamkari is 'kalam', which means pen and 'kari' which refers to craftsmanship. A new block print for Om Baby with derives from Pedana district in southern India 

The process is long and beautiful, involving 23 steps, which includes creating the blocks, dyeing with natural dyes, hand-printing, washing in the river and open-air drying, boiling with jagi leaves and algrin, a second colour printing and colour fixing.

We have kept to the original flower motif designs in earthy colours to honour this traditional process, while creating shapes that are both modern and comfortable.
Modelled by the Om Baby team Alice, Edie and Joel. Prints Kala, Kari and Meadow 
Shop the prints for kids here  and adults here
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